Xeltek SuperBot-4 Desktop Automated IC Programmer

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Produktnummer: SuperBot-4

SuperBot-4 is designed for small to medium automated programming projects. The device includes a tray with automatic chip pickup and placement for programming sockets. The entire programming procedure is automated, thus replacing traditional manual operations.

Four built-in SuperPro 7500 programmers, each with up to 4- gang sockets (16 sockets total).
Supports Tray-in and Tray-out
Short change-over time
More than 98,000 type of devices supported - NAND / NOR / eMMC / SPI NAND / MCU / CPLD
Compact desktop design with small footprint
Built-in silent air compressor
Lowest cost automated programming system
Reliable, efficient, and high safety standard
Professional motion control technology
High-speed programming with production capacity of 600 UPH
Intelligent software cuts learning curve and setup time while simplifying task management
Bar code programming, project file management, remote control via LAN, detailed log file