Optical Filters

Optical Filters has the world leading technology in display filters, EmiClare EMI shielding, touch screen enhancement and transparent heaters

Optical Filters are world leaders in the design and manufacture of emi- shielded and contrast enhancement windows. Established in 1988, their principle proficiency lies in optical expertise and the dry film lamination of plastics and glass filters for displays and enclosures.

List of products Optical Filters and Nortelco Electronics have to offer:¨

Model Description
EmiClare Display fitted mesh
EMC Windows and Shielding Emc shielding solutions for electronic display and windows
Transparent Heaters To de-mist or to defrost displays
Display Filters and Polarisers To enhance and protect your display or enclosure
Enhanced Touch Screens A resistive touch screen
Optical Laminations and Bonding A fully laminated window

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