Kikusui TOS5052 Hipot Tester Rise/Fall-Time Control Function Equipped

0.50kV to 5kV AC, 500VA (100mA), Cutoff current setting range : 0.1 to 110mA, Rise-time control function provided, Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz selectable, Output voltage presetting function, Digital ammeter and digital timer
Produktnummer: TOS5052

The TOS5052 is a special tester designed for hipot testing of electronic equipment and components conforming to various official safety standards. In addition to having an output of 5 kV AC at 100 mA, this model permits output voltage presetting, selection of output frequency (50 or 60 Hz), and rise-time control to control time for voltage to reach a preset level. 
The display uses a large, high-brightness, color fluorescent tube for clear display of numbers, operation status, results, and other information.
For fast and accurate testing, the TOS5052 permits dual-axis operation of the test voltage range selector switch and voltage setting knob, and separate up-down keys for determination current and timer settings. Easier to use than ever before, the TOS5052 also incorporates various safety and security features, including key lock, interlock, high-voltage output terminals limiting the number of insertion holes, and large “DANGER“ warning lamps.
These features make using the TOS5052 safe and reliable.

Complies with various safety standards
AC output only
Rise-time control function
Large color display
Digital voltmeter and ammeter
Digital timer
Window comparator type employed for Pass/fail judgement
Equipped with remote control function
Various signal outputs
Provided with zero turn-on switch