Aim-TTi TG315 3MHz Analog Function Generator

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Nortelco Electronics AS blev Adeptor AS fra 1. januar 2022, men dine kontakter er de samme! Ændringen gælder for områderne Elektronik og Automation, og vi har fået ny hjemmeside:

Produktnummer: TG315

3MHz Function Generator, LCD

0.03Hz to 3MHz frequency range
Simultaneous display of frequency & amplitude
External seven digit 120MHz counter (not TG315)
High waveform quality at all frequencies & levels
2mV to 20V pk-pk from 50 Ohms or 600 Ohms
Variable symmetry with constant frequency
Auxiliary TTL/CMOS output
1000:1 frequency change by vernier or sweep voltage
Precision internal lin/log sweep (TG330 only)
Internal/external AM up to 100% (TG330 only)