Aim-TTi TG1010A 10 MHz DDS Arbitrary / Function Generator

10 MHz DDS Function Generator with Arbitrary capability, RS232
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Produktnummer: TG1010A

A DDS-Generator at a non DDS-Generator price - The TG1010A breaks new ground by offering a DDS function generator at a similar price to that of a conventional generator of comparable functionality. It can generate a wide variety of waveforms between 0.1mHz and 10MHz with a resolution of 7 digits and an accuracy better than 10ppm.

A wide range of waveforms - The TG1010A generates high quality sine, square and pulse waveforms over the full frequency range of 0.1mHz to 10MHz. Triangle waveforms, ramp waveforms and multi-level squarewaves can also be generated subject to some limitations in the maximum useable frequencies. Variable symmetry/duty-cycle is available for all waveforms.

10MHz D.D.S. function with arbitrary
0.1mHz to 10MHz range, 7 digit resolution.
Direct Digital Synthesis: stability & resolution
Eight standard waveforms, plus "complex" waveforms, true arbitrary waveforms and noise.
Powerful modulation modes including Sweep, AM, Gating, Trigger/Burst, FSK and Hop.
Variable symmetry, variable start/stop phase.
Programmable via RS-232 or optional GPIB interfaces.