Aim-TTi 1908P Dual Measurement Bench Multimeter with USB, RS232, LXI/LAN and GPIB interfaces

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Affordable, portable precision
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Produktnummer: 1908P

The 1908P multimeter incorporates USB, RS232, GPIB and LXI compliant LAN interfaces for remote control and readback, suitable for a wider range of system applications. It can operate from either AC-line power or internal batteries, but requires AC-line power when using the remote interfaces. The 1908P has both a main display and a secondary display. The two displays can be used for a variety of purposes.

Affordable 5.5 digit high performance bench/portable multimeter
Dual display and dual measurement capability
Mains power or Internal rechargeable batteries for true portability
High accuracy and resolution: 0.02%, 1µV, 1nA, 1mΩ
True RMS AC, Frequency, capacitance and temperature measurements
Wide range of computing functions e.g. Ax + B
USB, RS232, LAN/LXI and GPIB interfaces